Maintec Keynote Conference

Understanding the 3 biggest cyber risk factors in every business - Toby Scott Jackson 



me mitch scherr

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How can reliability and condition monitoring improve sustainability? - Will Ocean



ME will ocean

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Vibration-based Condition Monitoring : Future Trend - Prof Jyoti K. Sinha




ME Jyoti Sinha

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Improving the Energy Efficiency of your Rotating Equipment  - Mari E Haapala



ME Mari E Haapala

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How to trade outside of the UK, potential opportunities and overcoming perceived barriers - Brinley Salzmann


ME Brinley Salzmann

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Waste and resource management Moving towards the circular economy - Nick Carter



Me Nick Carter

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Made Smarter Innovation: An overview of our investments in Maintenance Innovations - Chris Needham

me chris needham

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Manufacturing Keynote Conference

Driving The Future Through Sustainability of Manufacturing and Technology  -Jonquil Hackenberg

me keynote Jonquil

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Design Engineering Keynote Conference

Net-Zero Enabling Lightweight Technology for Mass Production - Alan Banks


me Alan banks

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Uncovering Design Engineering Secrets for Success - Jake Boxall-Legge



me Jake Boxall

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Success Story: The World's First Methane Powered Tractor - Alistair Walshaw


me alistair walshaw

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Designing and Building an Open Software Ecosystem - Mandy Chessell




me mandy chesell

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Engineering keynote theatre

Opening Keynote Session : The Brompton Story - Will Butler-Adams



me Will Adams

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Case study 2 - Rapid Visual Inspection for Aerospace - Liam WIlburn


Me ravine

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Case study 3 - Nickel- Based Superalloys for Additive Manufacturing - John Clark

Me John Clark

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How Manufacturers Can Mitigate Supply Chain Disruption in The Post-COVID World - Paul Perera


Me Paul P

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Workshop theatre 1

Cutting Edge Sustainable Product Development - Gethin Llewelyn





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Driving the Electric Revolution: Building a UK PEMD Capability - John Robins




Me John robins

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Instantaneous FEA, CFD and Thermal Analysis for Designers with Ansys Discovery - Rob Shropshire


Me Rob Shropshire

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Made Smarter Innovation: Digital Supply Chain & Smart Factory Hubs - Simon Coward



me Simon coward

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Workshop theatre 2

Why thermal simulation is a must for electronics design? - Tom Gregory


ME Tom gregory

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Hot off the press : Thermal management solutions and implementation - Mohamed AlAlami

ME Mohamed AlAlami

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microSD memory cards ;what you need to know about removable memory in embedded applications - Dan Hockman

Me cardwave

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Optimizing the "Last-mile" of Quality Management in Precision Parts Manufacturing - Mercy Liu


me mercy liu

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Visual Inspection Post COVID New Technology and Opportunities - Phillip Townend


me phillip townend

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R&D Tax Relief - The Facts, Common Misconceptions & Benefits - Jay Bhatti




me Jay Bhatti

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IoT Strategy & Business Innovation - The OEM Perspective - Daniel Fern


Me Daniel Fern

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Workshop theatre 3

Seizing the Sustainability & Circular Economy Opportunity in Manufacturing - Maggie Slowik


Me Maggie Slowik

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 Life-Work Technology: Securing the Future Manufacturing Workforce - Heather Badower


me UKG

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Choosing your approach to reduce compressed air energy consumption in production - Andy Parker-Bates


Me Andy Parker

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Overcoming the Instability of the Grid - Keith Maclean-Martin




ME Keith Maclean

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Workshop theatre 4

How to Navigate International Trade in a Post-Brexit World - Alison Horner




me Alison Horner

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The benefits of cloud based labelling solutions - Jamie Tilley




ME Jamie Tilley

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Using Data to drive agility in the face of Pandemics and Supply Shortages - Andrew Burton



ME Andrew Burton

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Perpetual motion machines: Advance your monitoring with energy harvesting sensors -  Andrew Doherty


me Andrew Doherty

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What achieving net zero means for your manufacturing site - Alistair Morris




Me Alistair Morris

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How to successfully create an Army of Problem Solvers - Andre Pereira




me Andre Pereira

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Workshop theatre 5

Proactive Compliance and Maintenance Efficiency with Integrated Permit To Work - Gary Marsden

Me Gary Marsden

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Measuring Bearing Friction in Real-Time - Christopher Hallum




me chris hallum

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Air leaks are costly and difficult to find, here’s how you can detect them accurately and easily - David Gambarte

Me NL ac

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How to run a PdM project – the keys steps to success - Johnathan Bonner



Me John senseye

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Coswin 8i CMMS at the heart of your maintenance strategy - Jean -Baptiste Pinson-Lion


Me siveco

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Autonomous Maintenance integrated in Ultimo EAM - Will Batchellor




We Will Batchelor

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Visualising vibration a ‘gamechanger’ for troubleshooting, diagnostics and root cause analysis - Stuart Walker

me RMS

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A Game Changer in SAP Digitalization for Your Maintenance Operations - Christophe Wuyts

Me sigga Christophe

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