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DCO Systems solve equipment maintenance, inspection and performance challenges with energy harvesting equipment sensors that are self-powered, maintenance-free and always on. With projects taking place across multiple sectors, DCO’s solutions extend existing monitoring efforts and create a rich dataset that engineers can use immediately. DCO closes the gaps in intelligence gathering with flexible, easy to deploy solutions.


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  • DCO Systems understand pipe networks and provide self-powering monitoring solutions best fit these systems. Our expertise in, and solutions for, process and pipework systems provide high value when us ...
  • DCO Systems offer a battery-free, maintenance-free Energy Monitor that engineers can deploy and use immediately.
  • DCO Systems offer an Environmental Monitor integrated with energy harvesting capabilities for long-life, maintenance-free operation. This product is ideal for monitoring of internal and external envir ...
  • The components and complexity of the drive system can range from small fixed-speed DC motors to large variable frequency drive AC induction motors. DCO Systems offer an easy to retrofit sensing soluti ...
  • DCO Systems have introduced a remotely accessible, self-contained, steam trap monitoring solution to ensure that steam trap performance data is collected round the clock. Monitoring the physical param ...
  • Remote monitoring is the process of gathering data on your machines and understanding what is happening ‘within’ your machines when you are not physically on-site. DCO Systems offer the two critical c ...
  • Monitor the performance of your equipment using DCO Systems’ truly wireless machine monitoring solution. Detect faults in real time on equipment including heat exchangers, actuators, motors and drives ...
  • DCO Systems design and build battery free, energy harvesting sensors. We offer a complete suite of monitoring capabilities for industry seeking to integrate or improve current strategies. Our affordab ...
  • With 10% of steam trap failing annually, DCO Systems offer a highly targeted monitoring solution to combat steam loss and create a faster ROI.
  • Battery-powered and wired-in have limitations on what they can achieve. Alternatively, energy harvesting sensors can overcome these limitations and significantly advance machine monitoring efforts.
  • Steam systems are often located in difficult to access locations and therefore only monitored every six months. DCO offer a round the clock moonitoring solution for these systems.
  • Find out how DCO Systems are different. Sensors powered by batteries come with baggage. That's why DCO offer battery-free, energy harvesting sensors. Better monitoring solutions are within reach!
  • To maximise functionality and long-term capabilities, energy (power) harvesting sensors punch above their weight. For engineers used to traditional devices, the simple question is: How do they work? 
  • Monitoring for pipework is often overlooked and yet it is vital to the system! That’s why DCO Systems look at the challenges they pose and create monitoring solutions for all types of conditions. 
  • Using a digital twin may seem like a big jump, especially for companies just starting to embrace digital technology. DCO Systems share how engineers monitoring a heat exchanger are benefitting.
  • In order for UK manufacturing to cut greenhouse gas emissions by two-thirds from 2018 to 2035, energy monitoring tools need to be simplified, maintenance-free and resolute. 
  • Sensors fall into 1 of 3 groups based on power source; battery-powered, plug-in and energy harvesting. We compare 100 of each sensor type over a 10-year period and reveal which has the best value.
  • SME News Magazine has announced the winners of the 2021 Southern Enterprise Awards. They have awarded DCO Systems as Best Global Energy Harvesting Equipment Sensors Provider.
  • Many monitoring solutions have restrictions and fixed capabilities because they are constrained by battery life. What industry needs is an adaptable and flexible solution that can be quickly deployed.
  • Solar farms are often run by operational specialists on behalf of the farm’s owners and investors. Operators need data to run the solar farms optimally and to evidence this to owners and investors.
  • Machine downtime is costing Britain's manufacturers more than £180bn every year and that 53% of machinery downtime is caused by hidden internal faults.
  • According to manufacturing reports, 10% of steam traps fail each year. That results in significant time, money and energy wasted.

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