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The VNP15 lifts large and irregular loads to exceptional height at high speed. Using counterweights and next-gen automaton, the VNP15 works in perfect sync with Goods-to-Person, Materials Movement and Production Line operations.

Warehouse automation isn't coming; it's already here! Wise Robotics offers flexible and scalable warehouse automation solutions to help make your business more efficient. Through cutting-edge robotics, streamlined integration with your existing infrastructure and smart business intelligence software, you can optimise your warehouse and manufacturing operations, speed up fulfilment and meet the demands of your customers now and in the future.

--- Remarkable Reach ---

The VNP15’s counterweight design allow it to lift 0.6-1.5 metric tonnes, to heights of 3-4.5 metres. All guided by precise machine vision.

--- Precision Positioning ---

With next-gen machine vision and laser-sighted SLAM navigation, the VNP15 offers pinpoint positioning precision.

--- Greater Efficiency ---

Speeds of up to 1.5 metres per second are deployed to single millimetre precision with machine vision support.


--- 360° Employee Safety ---

The VNP15 works with perfect safely alongside manual workers using laser sensors and advanced machine vision. --- Wise Robotics x VisionNav --- Wise Robotics has collaborated with VisionNav to combine our expertise with their vision-based intelligence and innovative warehousing technology. Together we will help UK operators boost order fulfillment and reduce the ongoing costs.

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