Ultraprobe 10000

U E Systems Europe B.V Stand: B34
  • Ultraprobe 10000
  • Ultraprobe 10000
  • Ultraprobe 10000
Ultraprobe 10000 Ultraprobe 10000 Ultraprobe 10000

- On-board sound recording
- Advanced data collection
- Flexible reporting options
- Manage routes with free DMS software
- Diagnose electrical faults
- Adjustable Frequency from 20 kHz to 100 kHz

The ultimate digital ultrasonic inspection system for condition monitoring with sound recording for analysis.

The Ultraprobe 10,000 brings ultrasound inspection technology to a whole new level. With this one system, inspectors can perform condition analysis, record sounds, store and manage data.

Can be used for ALL ultrasound applications & programs

- Setup bearing data collection routes, analyze & create lubrication routes
- Inspect electrical systems for faults, analyze on the spot & report
- Inspect for faulty steam traps
- Find your leaks & report cost per leak with DMS reporting

Why Choose this instrument?

- Enables all the possibilities to inspect, report & analyze with ultrasound
- Accurate & repeatable digital data
- Adjustable Frequency from 20 kHz  to 100 kHz
- On-board sound recording
- Ideally for troubleshooting, analyses & data collection programs
- Comes with license free data management (DMS) & Spectrum analysis software to manage & report asset condition

On board data logging utilizing Ultratrend DMS™ providing:

- Ability to manage routes
- Upload & download via USB connection
- Multiple data views
- History tables/spread sheets
- Trend charts
- Export database & report documents to Excel

On board sound recording utilizing Spectralyzer™ software providing:

- Analyze sound files in FFT & Time series
- Create analysis reports
- Overlay historical recordings for comparisons
- Diagnose electrical faults
- Bearing fault calculator for defect confirmation

The Ultraprobe 10000 simplifies sound recording with user-friendly Spin and Click™ technology

The Ultraprobe 10000 features onboard Sound Recording with a push of a button. You’ll record a sound sample directly into the instrument and link it to one of 400 record files stored in the Ultraprobe!

Test the way you want with:

- Specialized application screens
- Adjustable on/off features
- Connection to external devices
- Flexible reporting options

The Ultraprobe 10000 kit comes loaded with all the accessories you need for effective condition monitoring and includes standard:

- ULTRAPROBE pistol grip housing. It consists of the display panel, “spin & click” controls, the headphone jack, SD card and module receptacle, on-board data logging & battery.
- SD card reader
- Deluxe industrial noise reducing headset
- Battery recharge kit for main housing and warble tone generator
- Spare battery
- Zero Halliburton aluminum carrying case
- Warble tone generator with amplitude selection switch for use in tone test method
- Remote access module (RAM) to connect remote sensors
- Magnetic mount remote sensor (RAS-MT) with cable for consistency in testing bearings & oil cooled transformers
- Trisonic scanning module for locating airborne ultrasound such as pressure, vacuum and electrical emissions
- Rubber focusing cone for narrowing reception band of scanning module and for blocking out ambient ultrasound
- Stethoscope (contact) module for monitoring internal ultrasound such as in bearings, steam traps and valves
- Extension rod set to increase stethoscope contact range to 31 inch (78 cm)
- Long range module with laser pointer (LRML-10) for more accurate & extended range of detection for leak detection or electrical emissions
- Belt holster for easy carrying
- Comprehensive instruction manual
- License & update free included DMS software!
- License & update free included Spectralyzer software!

Only one kit configuration is available.

All Ultraprobe instruments are CE approved.


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