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  • Machine monitoring
  • Machine monitoring
Machine monitoring Machine monitoring Machine monitoring

Monitor the performance of your equipment using DCO Systems’ truly wireless machine monitoring solution. Detect faults in real time on equipment including heat exchangers, actuators, motors and drives, air handlers, heat recovery units, steam traps, boilers and pipework. Measurable elements can provide insight into equipment performance, process efficiency, steam generation and distribution, predictive and preventative maintenance needs, and diagnostics and alerts.  

Measurable elements include: 

  • Power (electrical power, consumption data & power analysis) 
  • Temperature and humidity (contact & non-contact) 
  • Pressure (air, gas, steam & water) 
  • Sound and vibration (motors, gearboxes & mechanical assemblies) 
  • Vision (infrared and visible light) 
  • Level, volume and flow 

Within moving systems, our machine monitoring solutions can identify internal mechanical failures or developing problems through analysis and comparison of vibration, temperature and power consumption data.

Updating legacy equipment with new sensing capabilities can bring processes into the 21st century. Regardless of capabilities, roles within the process, age and complexity, DCO's monitoring solutions can be easily retrofitted to existing machines and quickly customised to reflect the whole of your system. Visit our website for more details.


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