The manufacturing sector is now the most targeted for cyber attacks with risks only likely to broaden with increasing digitisation. Discover how to defend yourself from these attacks by visiting the cyber zone at Manufacturing & Engineering Week featuring an exciting immersive demonstrator and dedicated pavilion.


CrisisCast Cyber Demonstrator powered by Assured Cyber Protection

The live Immersive Cyber Demonstrator won ‘Best Feature Area’ at the recent Exhibition News Awards 2022 and will be recreated at the show to give visitors a better understanding of the current threats, how to prepare, explore unknown areas of vulnerability and source products and services to increase cyber resilience.

The central feature recreates the unique settings of a hacker’s bedroom and a manufacturing plant boardroom.  Using high-tech staging and film techniques actors will play out the cyber hacking scenario in real-time, clearly demonstrating the challenges faced by the leadership team as they work to contain and overcome the threat. 


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An engaging learning experience


The 20 minute performances run regularly throughout the show at the following times both days:


The live scenario will help educate visitors on the psychological and operational tactics undertaken by both sides and provide unique insights into the two opposing perspectives.

Cyber Pavilion – Know Your Supply Chain™

The biggest risks are the ones you don’t see

Alongside the demonstrator will also be a dedicated Cyber Pavilion featuring Assured Cyber Protection® a global technology partner empowering organisations to protect their most valuable assets, people, and data from cyber-attacks enabling resilient and sustainable business.

They will be exhibiting with a host of cyber partners providing the latest solutions to keep businesses secure against an increasingly dangerous and ever-evolving threat landscape.

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On Stand Live Hacking & Presentations

08 Jun 2022
  1. Elliot Thompson, Assured Cyber Protection
  2. Andrew Clarke, Simon Pavitt and Lee Mora, Assured Cyber Protection

  3. Elliot Thompson, Assured Cyber Protection
  4. Conrado Crespo, Counter Craft 
  5. Elliot Thompson, Assured Cyber Protection
  6. Ellen Kay, CyberMIND Technology 
  7. Frédéric Schenk, SGS
09 Jun 2022
  1. Elliot Thompson, Assured Cyber Protection
  2. Ellen Kay, CyberMIND Technology
  3. Elliot Thompson, Assured Cyber Protection
  4. Frédéric Schenk, SGS
  5. Elliot Thompson, Assured Cyber Protection
  6. Assured Cyber Protection
  7. Conrado Crespo, Counter Craft


Supply Chain Risk in Manufacturing

For some time, media headlines have focused on the impact of COVID-19 and materials shortages on global supply chains. However, there’s another, equally serious threat to the supply chain: cyberattacks. Supply chain cyberattacks are among the top threats facing UK businesses today. A string of high-profile attacks against prominent targets—including government agencies, critical infrastructure, and large businesses— has exposed a lack of effective cybersecurity practices throughout the supply chain.

In this report you will learn out about:

  • Different types of supply chain attacks
  • The risks and business impact of a supply chain attacks
  • The costs and consequences of a supply chain attack
  • Five steps to protect against supply chain attacks
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New cyber report


Manufacturers may think they are well-prepared for cyber threats, but in reality most are vulnerable.

Only a small group of leading manufacturers have managed to fend off cyber attacks — how have they done it?

Read our report to find out how cyber-secure manufacturers are best placed to deal with the heightened threat of cyber attack.

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